The BEST taste of Singapore in Tokyo

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Missing the taste of home? Nothing beats it, but fear no more, Tokyo has its very own Singapore Seafood Republic with some of the top contenders of best seafood in Singapore!

JUMBO has been, and will ALWAYS hold the most special place in my heart… and my favourite restaurant, like, ever. This was a family favourite, and we always used to sit out by East Coast Park, during sunset, to demolish the chili crab, mee goreng, fried mantou…and many more. Lots to fulfil the senses; busy, hot, humid, yet breezy… the sound of the fans, and the plastic chairs, the smell of the fresh grass coupled with the whiff of the lemon in the finger bowls. Oddly specific, but screams nostalgia, and this was the very best of my childhood.

Anyways- Tokyo recently opened ‘Waters Takeshiba’, a big facility comprised of shops as well as numerous places for a food break. The location is beautiful and serene, with there being a multitude of options for places to sit outdoors (and indoors, too).

Located on the third floor of the Atre Tower, The Singapore Seafood Republic is hard to miss. Overlooking the waters, featuring a backdrop of some of Tokyo’s buildings, it is slightly reminiscent of some of the Singapore cityscapes, though heavily contrasted with the vibe of Jumbo itself. The interior is visually attractive and modern, so I questioned whether the Tokyo version would indeed mimic Singapore’s authenticity. However, I was not disappointed in the slightest.

The service was almost as good as the food. The portions were relatively large, and absolutely divine. As a mee goreng enthusiast, I’ve had a plentiful share of the good, bad and the ugly, but as soon as this arrived on my table, the smell eliminated my hesitance. It instantly took me back to my childhood and I had no doubt this was going to taste as amazing as it smelled, and looked- and it definitely did. Easy on the eye, and the stomach.

In fact every meal that we ordered, was delicious and authentic. Not ashamed to say that i ordered one too many fried mantous because of the comfort and nostalgia it holds. The chili crab was also perfect and reminiscent of my life in Singapore, and I really have no complaints- oh, I just wish they served Iced Lemon Tea, because that really completes the meal for me.

Despite feeling full to the brim, we could not resist the temptation of ordering dessert. We managed to lick the plate clean- it was that good, and also, no regrets. All in all, this place is a must, and will definitely satisfy your Singapore cravings.

My recommendations would be everything that we ordered, in particular the Chili Crab and Mee Goreng (I think we opted for the small size crab, which was plenty for two people).

Waters Takeshiba is great, because you can go ahead and walk off all the food you just indulged in by having a wander around the waters. I am already looking forward to my next visit, give it a go!

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