Best Trendy Coffee Shops in Tokyo! (Shibuya/Harajuku)

An avid coffee drinker looking for the perfect coffee shops to wind down on a Sunday Morning? Here are a couple of my favourite go-to coffee stops in Shibuya & Harajuku!

WoodBerry Coffee Roasters

A hidden gem, but definitely popular amongst the local residents!

WoodBerry Coffee Roasters is tucked into the more quieter, residential area of Shibuya- a nice break from the hustle, and a ideal spot to indulge in some top tier coffee.

This cafe is quite small, with a few seats outside, and more on the inside. Despite its size, it appears as though they do roast their own handcrafted coffee. The aromatic aura of the place is enough to be sold!

Their menu offers a range of delights- from breakfast, brunch, to slightly heavier meals (all of which are quite healthy..and heavenly).

I am a BIG fan of their acai bowls and coffee, and can also never resist their nutty banana bread for an afternoon snack to look forward to later.

You can choose the beans you want in your coffee, from their hand crafted selection. My favourites are: ‘Costa Rica Gamboa’ & ‘Dark Note Blend’. They have a selection of beans to choose from, depending on what tickles your fancy!

(They provide non-dairy alternatives. My fave is oat milk, which is becoming more common in Tokyo!)

Ralph’s Coffee

Bang in the middle of Harajuku/Omotesando, this is the perfect pit stop for coffee and lunch during your Sunday Stroll. It is located in the big, white, Ralph Lauren building- quite tricky to miss.

The stunning green and white, slightly retro vibe interior complements the white exterior well- definitely good for the gram 😉

They also have more than a couple outside seats (accompanied by heaters) for some of the warmer, sunnier days out.

Although the coffee was amazing, the star of the show is definitely the carrot cake. It’s so moist, with the perfect ratio of icing to cake, AND a nice generous slice too. Definitely get it if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The sandwiches, especially the ham and cheese were also delicious!

A coffee, sandwich and a slice of cake kick-start or even end off your weekend!

(They also provide non-dairy alternatives)

White Glass Coffee

Located just behind Cerulean Tower in Shibuya, this coffee shop radiates comfort and has a relaxing atmosphere, especially on the outdoor terrace.

Not only do they have a good selection of coffee (and seemingly roast their own beans!), but home to some wonderful sweet treats! If you are in need of satisfying a sweet tooth, this is the place to be.

Despite this being in the heart of Shibuya, it is fairly spacious, and there are plenty of seats to house the many coffee-loving Tokyoites out there. (The outside also has heaters, for the more chilly months). The perimeter of the terrace is enclosed in plants and small little trees, blocking out the noise of the bustle, for a more tranquil environment.

I STILL think about the lemon tart I had here- it was incredible, and lemon tarts are normally not my cup-of-tea.

(Non-dairy alternative offered)

Chop Coffee

Nestled away in the backstreet of Cat Street, this coffee shop is always a must to replenish my energy after some shopping.

Small, but cute & cosy, the coffee here is the perfect strength for me, and an iced latte never disappoints.

This store is a little easy to miss- it is right behind the ROXY store on Cat Street.

Most of the times, and definitely on the weekends, it can be challenging to find a spot in a coffee store, but this place normally proves different. Perhaps due to its size, it might be more of a takeout and drink whilst on your way home kinda job. But there are normally seats available, and they do have some seats you can sit on outside to soak in some sun too!

To accompany your coffee, they also have a small selection of treats, nibbles and even lunch-boxes! I thoroughly enjoy a banana muffin every time I take a trip here too! Nothing beats a banana muffin and some coffee.

(Non-dairy alternative offered)

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